2019 - 10 - 04

Interdisciplinary Conference “Architectural Quality: an Integrated Approach to Cultural Heritage“

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On the occasion of World Architecture Day, an Interdisciplinary Scientific-Practical Conference “Architectural Quality: an Integrated Approach to Cultural Heritage” was held in Vilnius on 7 - 8 October 2019. This year, the 5th Interdisciplinary Conference was focused on the actualization of the criterion of preservation of the immovable cultural heritage. The participants in the Conference mainly focused on promoting inter-institutional cooperation in preserving cultural heritage and improving the quality of the environment. The organizers of the event: Architects‘ Chamber of Lithuania, the Department of Cultural Heritage under the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania.
The programme of the first day of the Conference consisted of three plenary sessions. The first session “Challenges of Cultural Heritage“ presented an integrated approach by architects and archaeologists to heritage restoration and conservation, it discussed ways of reusing historic buildings. Presentations on these issues were made by researchers from the United Kingdom (D. H. Tomback), Switzerland (B. Dubosson), Italy (G. Minutoli, A. Arrighetti).
The second session “An integrated approach to cultural heritage in the context of planning” considered what does an integrated approach in protecting urban heritage mean, presented the recommendations that should be used in pursuing the objectives of an integral protection of cultural heritage and sustainable development in Lithuania.
The third session “Modern heritage. Accounting, selection, protection” discussed both theoretical and practical aspects of the evaluation and application of modern heritage: from the development of more general aspects of selection and individual aspects of value to the modern application of specific objects of heritage.
On the second day of the Conference, practical workshops were held. During the workshops, the specific cases through which the ways to solve problems and opportunities were sought.
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