Jewish Cultural Heritage in Lithuania

"Jewish Cultural Heritage in Lithuania"

*Why a Jewish Heritage Route? Michel Thomas-Penette
*Lithuanian Jews' Community is one of the oldest in Europe. Jews settled in Lithuania in the Mid­dle Ages, and are thought to have lived here even before the 14th century. Dr. S.Alperavičius
*Fate of Jewish Property in Lithuania during World War II. Valentinas Brandišauskas
*Buildings in Vilnius. Nijolė Lukšionytė-Tolvaišienė
*Buildings in Kaunas. Nijolė Lukšionytė-Tolvaišienė
*The Jewish Legacy in Kaunas Architecture of the Interwar Period. Jolita Kančienė
*Legendary Artistes of the Small Stage. Rūta Skudienė
*The Sacral Heritage of Jewish Culture. Marija Rupeikienė
*Experience of the Reconstruction of some Jewish Synagogues. Irena Staniūnienė
*The Shtetl: the Colours of the Everyday Jewish Life. Roza Bieliauskienė
*Trade Buildings in Lithuanian Towns. Lijana Laužikaitė
*History of Jews of Nečiūniškės village. Margarita Kairytė and Libertas Klimka
*Lithuanian Jews in the Wars for Independence. Algirdas Jakubčionis
*Jews of Klaipėda Region and Their Cultural Heritage. Dr. Martynas Purvinas, Marija Purvinienė
*Kėdainiai Jewish Community and its heritage. Rimantas Žirgulis
*The Jewish Community in Ukmergė. Raimundas Ramanauskas
*Memories, Dedicated to My Beloved Parents Raina and Manel Faingold. Lėja Jacovskienė-Faingold
*The Keepers of Jewish History: the Bridge Be­tween Past and Future. Rachilė Kostanian, Ona Biveinienė
*Jewish History in the Archival Documents of Lithuania. Galina Baranovą
*Concluding Remarks. Alfredas Jomantas
"I am from a tribe which has always been nomadic in a desert the size of the world. Our countries are the oases which we leave when the source dries up, our houses are tents dressed in stone, our nationalities are the affairs of dates or boats. We are only linked together through one another, across generations, across seas, across the Babel of languages, the murmuring of a name..."
Amin Maalouf
"Jewish Heritage is an integral part of European history and culture. Jewish history and culture is largely rooted in Europe and is made up of a history full of migration, persecution and precariousness, but equally of human exchanges, humanism and an abundance of mutual en­richment. However, for a long time, the Jews of Europe were considered as worn-out "leftovers" of what was once an ancient tradition full of originality"
Michel Thomas-Penette
Director of the European Institute of Cultural Routes

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