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European Heritage Days

European Heritage Days 2013


The theme of this year`s events of European Heritage Days in Lithuania is "Imprints of Epochs". The events will be held on September 13-15.

You can read about the theme "Imprints of Epochs" in the arcticle below.

"Imprints of Epochs" by Rasa Čepaitienė

About European Heritage Days

Annual events of the Council of Europe programme "European Heritage Days" in Lithuania are coordinated and organized by the Culture Heritage Department under the Ministry of Culture, as well as by municipalities of towns and districts. The events of the “European Heritage Days” in Lithuania have been held since 1994. Every year they attract a lot of attention and a huge number of participants from various groups of the society.

Each year the “European Heritage Days” in Lithuania have a special theme with the aim to promote specific related objects and their cultural values. The initiative of the “European Heritage Days” gives a good possibility to promote and increase the awareness and understanding of cultural heritage values, to highlight its importance in the history of Lithuania and the whole Europe, to develop an integral identity of the Lithuania and European citizens.

European Heritage Days 2012

The annual events of European Heritage Days in Lithuania will be held on September 14-23, 2012. The theme of this year`s events - “Genius Loci. The Spirit of Place”.

Preparation works for numerous events that will be organized throughout the country have already started. You can read more information on the theme “Genius Loci. The Spirit of Place” in the texts below:


Michael Petzet: GENIUS LOCI – The Spirit of Monuments and Sites.pdf

Quebec city declaration on the preservation of the spirit of place (Adopted at Quebec City, Canada, October 4th 2008).pdf

European Heritage Days‘2012 in Lithuania: text by J. Markevičienė.pdf

European Heritage Days 2009

The annual event of the Council of Europe program “European Heritage Days” will be held on 18-27 September 2009. The theme of this year`s event, “Europe, common heritage. Creating history together”, is related with commemoration of the Millennium of Lithuania and seeks to represent Lithuania as multicultural country. Prospective events of “European Heritage Days” will represent heritage of various ethnical and religious communities in Lithuania (orthodox, Russians, Polish, Byelorussians, Ukrainians, Jews, Tatars, Karaites and others). Multicultural dimension of heritage in Lithuania will be represented by various events: visits to cultural heritage objects and sites, sightseeing tours, public lectures, reviews of documentary films and exhibitions.

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