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Seminar in Vilnius on European Cultural Routes

December 10, 2012

After a decade of successful cooperation with the European Institute of Cultural Routes and following Lithuania`s accession to the Enlarged Partial Agreement on Cultural Routes in 2012, the Department of Cultural Heritage under the Ministry of Culture of Lithuania organized an international seminar on Cultural Routes on 6 December 2012 in Vilnius.

The seminar attracted about 130 participants from all over Lithuania - cultural product developers, stakeholders, representatives of state organizations and businesses, religious communities, etc. The European experts from the European Institute of Cultural Routes, Italy, Spain UK acquainted them with the programme of the European Cultural Routes and presented concrete cases of developing cultural routes in different countries. The Lithuanian representative from the Ministry of Economy made a presentation on the Pope John Paul II Pilgrimage Road in Lithuania and its importance for the development of cultural tourism in Lithuania. The participants of the seminar discussed different aspects of the development of cultural routes – main working principles, work with different stakeholders, promotion of the product within the country and in the European context, importance of cultural routes on cultural tourism and regional development, impact on country economy, as well as other important issues.

Some of the presentations made at the seminar:


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