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The European Heritage Heads Forum


The European Heritage Heads Forum is an informal network that brings together the heads of the European state heritage authorities (built heritage, landscapes and archaeology) to share ideas about the management of the historic environment in the 21st century.

Discussion centres on emerging trends, political engagement, European legislation and the scope of international heritage protection and how these affect national properties from Bavarian castles to Italian palazzi. Also research, development, current challenges and the economic future of heritage throughout Europe.

The 8th EHHF meeting was held in Oslo 22-24th May 2013. One of the main points of discussion was cooperation with the NGO sector to improve dialogue and cooperation with civil society to build a more cooperative cultural heritage management policy. The 9th EHHF meeting will be held in Leuven, Belgium 21-23 May 2014 and the main topic of discussion will be urban heritage.

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