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European Heritage Heads Forum meeting on Changes in Rural Heritage

On 26-27 May 2011 in Amsterdam took place EHHF (European Heritage Heads Forum) meeting. The theme of the meeting was Changes in Rural Heritage. Twenty six counties and their experiences were represented in the meeting.

The meeting theme was chosen regarding dramatic transformation of the European countryside. Global change, climate change, urbanization and EU regulations have impacts on the cultural landscape and transformation of the countryside. Therefore this theme affects most European countries one way or the other. Shrinking regions, destruction of archaeological sites and re use of rural heritage are common issues. Landscapes not only play a vital role in the identity of the inhabitants, but they represent also economic and ecological value. Landscapes are constantly in motion, adapting to new functions and uses. Conscientious and sustainable landscape management therefore requires a controlled transition of landscape changes, preserving and enhancing the qualities of the landscape as a dynamic entity, inhabited by people and at the same time offering space for change and development.

Lithuanian delegation and representatives of Monitoring Group on Cultural heritage in the Baltic Sea States (MG) have participated in the EHHF (European Heritage Heads Forum) meeting and presented cultural heritage protection system in Lithuania and heritage protection specialists’ cooperation in Baltic Sea region.

The final statement from the 2011 meeting is available

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